Co-operative education at the University of Waterloo allows you to alternate between study and paid work terms while earning your degree. Not only will you graduate with a co-op degree, but you will leave the university with approximately sixteen months of work experience in your field of study.

Why choose the Honours Political Science and French double major co-op program?

  • Practical training and experience for careers in the field of: government, foreign affairs, public service, non-governmental organizations, and business.
  • The possibility of studying two subjects hand-in-hand, but also of finding bilingual job placements that would provide you with work experience in both of your Honours majors.
  • Great option for students interested in graduate studies, such as programs like the Master of Public Service degree offered at the University of Waterloo.
  • Develop a professional and academic résumé simultaneously.
  • Improve your ability to present your own personal set of skills in an interview.
  • Finance your education with paid work terms.