Hello! Thanks for visiting the Waterloo Professional Development Program (WatPD), a subset of Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Programs at the University of Waterloo. We offer online professional development (PD) courses that help undergraduate students enhance their professional skills and improve their employability.

When combined with students’ academic programs and WIL experiences, our programming ensures that Waterloo students are ready to excel in the workplace, no matter their career path.

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  1. Mar. 7, 2022Shape the future of PD courses as a student consultant

    Do you want to help make future PD courses more engaging and useful for students? WIL Programs (formerly WatPD) is hiring part-time student consultants for a PD working group. This working group will be supporting the redevelopment of PD20: Engineering Workplace Skills I: Developing Reason, the second core course taken by students in Engineering.

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