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Centre for Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)

Waterloo student staff are essential to the Centre for WIL. We have opportunities for you to join other enthusiastic student staff also looking to enhance their professional skills. You will contribute to a dynamic, social workplace environment while doing engaging and meaningful work.  

We advertise and post our co-op positions like any other co-op jobs on WaterlooWorks. Other opportunities also exist and can be found on the Careers at Waterloo website.

Why work with us? 

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You’ll take an active role in participating in team building events each term. You may even help plan and organize them. You’ll develop your teamwork and project management skills while building relationships with other students and team members.

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Want to learn how to develop and deliver effective and compelling presentations? You’ll create and deliver a 15-minute presentation about a work-appropriate topic of your choice. We look forward to getting to know what’s important to you.

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Our team has worked with countless students over the years and aim to continuously improve your experience with us. 

You can expect a thorough orientation, regular check-ins, support for reflection, robust goal setting and helpful evaluations. We want to help you excel during your term and in the future. 

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We want to stay connected with you. We often have former co-op students complete part-time marking or other casual work with us during their academic terms. In addition to serving as a source of income, part-time work is a great way to stay connected to our team after your work term.

Opportunities we offer 

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Support our PD courses

Student staff working within our PD courses handle the bulk of the day-to-day operations of our courses. You'll serve as the first point of contact when students taking PD courses require support. We hire as many as four teaching assistants (TAs) for each of our PD courses every term and all TAs help support students completing PD1: Career Fundamentals.

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Become an EDGE ambassador

Our student EDGE ambassadors are an invaluable part of our EDGE team. You'll work together to represent EDGE at on-campus events and class visits. You support your peers and serve as academic and personal role models for students on campus.

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Develop WIL curriculum

Student staff working with our curriculum team help to design and develop content for WIL courses and programs. Some of the roles you can you can fill include instructional design, editing, e-Learning development and digital media development work.

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Lead a Waterloo Experience (WE) Accelerate team

Student staff in team lead roles act as first point of contact for students enrolled in the WE Accelerate program. Serving as the experts in their stream, you keep students on track to complete the skills, work experience and career components of the program. 

Why we hire students

Each year, we hire more than 80 Waterloo co-op students. You are key to our daily operations and help shape our approach to WIL, professional development and student support. 

Here’s why we hire co-op students:

  • Waterloo's co-op program is the largest in North America and a major differentiator for the University. We are proud to support its continued success. 

  • You make a direct impact on the operations, content and support strategies used in our courses and programs. 

  • Your fresh perspectives each term helps our team better support and connect with students. 

  • You are invaluable sources of enthusiasm. Our department’s greatest asset is our culture, and you help us define and improve that culture every day. 

  • Those who spend a term with us leave as advocates for the value of WIL on campus and beyond. You'll help friends, coworkers and peers understand how WIL courses and programs support others to be ready for the future of work. You help show how WIL experiences and classroom learning are connected and can help others find their sense of purpose.