WIL 601: Career Foundations for Work-Integrated Learning

WIL 601 gives you the tools you need to prepare for and engage in graduate-level Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences.

The course provides you with the tools, strategies and resources to effectively prepare for your upcoming WIL experiences (co-op work terms, internships or other forms of WIL) and future career endeavours after graduation. In this course, you will practice applying career development techniques, learn industry tips from external partners and explore workplace preparation strategies to support your success.

What will you do in WIL 601?

  • Critically reflect on your career values and goals.
  • Identify, evaluate and articulate your current skillsets and the competencies you are developing in graduate school.
  • Learn strategies for networking and the job search process, and how to cultivate meaningful career development during and after your WIL experience.
  • Connect with Centre for Career Development (CCD) advisors through synchronous sessions.

Grading Information

To pass WIL 601, you must satisfy both requirements below:

  • earn an overall grade of at least 75%, AND
  • receive a minimum of at least 75% on both Assignment 3: Mock Interview and Reflection and Assignment 6: Mapping out Learning Goals for the Future.

In its current pilot phase, WIL 601 will not appear on your transcript.

If you have a question about grading in WIL 601, contact the course team.

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Student testimonials

The guidelines provided in the content is organized well and the tasks are really helpful too. For example, the section on tailoring your résumé helped me with improving the bullet points in my résumé.

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Frequently asked questions


If you are a current Waterloo graduate student, you can enroll in WIL 601 using Quest (student information system). The process is like the one used for enrolling in other academic courses. Students in all faculties except Engineering should contact us with questions or issues regarding registration. Engineering students with questions or issues regarding registration should contact their academic program advisor.


You’ll access the WIL 601 course through LEARN, Waterloo’s online learning management system (LMS). Log into LEARN using your WatIAM user ID and password. You’ll need consistent internet access to use LEARN, and it’s compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. If you have any questions about your system’s compatibility with LEARN or issues accessing your PD course, contact your course team or visit the LEARN help resources.

Do I have to pay to take WIL 601?

No, you don’t have to pay any additional costs. The Centre for WIL is not funded through your co-op fees or any other non-tuition fee. Our courses are an academic component included in your existing tuition fees. For a breakdown of how your co-op fee is allocated if it applies to your program, check out the Co-operative Education website.

Why am I receiving an error when I try to enrol in WIL 601?

There may be several reasons why you're receiving an error when trying to enroll in a PD course.

  1. You are not currently enrolled as a graduate student. WIL 601 is open to all graduate students, but unfortunately cannot be taken if you are not a current graduate student, as the course has been specifically designed to support graduate students’ career development.
  2. You have a fee hold and/or academic hold on your account. If you have a fee or academic hold, you won't be able to enrol in any classes. You can view your hold status by logging into your Quest account. To inquire about a fee hold, contact Student Financial Services; to inquire about an academic hold, contact your academic advisor.

If you're receiving an error that isn't related to the issues above and you're enrolling during a valid enrolment period, please contact us and provide your full name, ID number, and a detailed inquiry. We'll do our best to investigate your issue.