PD7: Conflict Resolution

PD7: Conflict Resolution helps you understand, avoid and resolve conflict in the workplace.

There’s more to conflict resolution than smiling and apologizing — it takes communication, patience and an understanding of complex concepts like escalation and triangulation. Conflict can also be healthy, and even beneficial, depending on the situation. In PD7 you'll gain a deeper understanding of conflict and start applying the course concepts to their professional and personal lives. 

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What will you do in PD7?

  • Sharpen conflict resolution skills by analyzing scenarios and applying different conflict resolution approaches.  
  • Identify strategies to work through challenging situations using appropriate communication styles.  
  • Learn how to recover from conflict and make a good apology.  

Grading information

To pass PD7, you satisfy both requirements below: 

  • earn an overall grade of at least 50% on Assignments 1 - 4 (plus any bonus opportunities)

  • receive a minimum of 50% on the Major Reflective Report 

If you have a question about grading in PD7, contact the course team.

Course instructor

Betty Pries

Betty Pries 

Betty is a facilitator within the Conflict Management Certificate Program at the University of Waterloo. She specializes in workplace, organizational, and congregational disputes, both as a mediator and as a trainer. Betty has provided mediation and conflict resolution courses throughout Canada, in the United States and in the Philippines. 

She is a regular instructor with Conrad Grebel University College at the University of Waterloo and has written articles for several publications on a variety of mediation-related topics.

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Student testimonials

The topic of conflict resolution is highly relevant to all workplaces, and even important in any kind of teamwork — including during school projects and within my friend circle. The course gave very practical and easy-to-understand strategies for understanding and dealing with conflict.

The conflict solving ideas learned can be related to previous conflict experiences, which makes me think that it could help me in resolving conflicts in the future since it is applicable to real life.

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