PD course roles

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Teaching assistants

As a teaching assistant (TA) you are an integral part of the Centre for Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) team. You'll handle the bulk of the day-to-day operations for our courses and serve as the first point of contact when students require support. Each term, we hire as many as four TAs for each of our PD courses. All TAs help support students completing PD1: Career Fundamentals

TA responsibilities include: 

  • Helping students learn by providing quality feedback and mentoring throughout the term. 

  • Marking assessments using rubrics and training provided by course instructors. 

  • Shaping future course offerings by working with course staff, instructors, and student feedback. 

  • Providing feedback on our training and processes to improve course operations. 

  • Contributing to our workplace culture with positivity, energy and respect. 

If you have a specific question about the duties and responsibilities of our TAs, contact the Centre for WIL staff

Student experience at Centre for WIL 

Bethany Correia

As a TA for PD1, PD5, and PD10, I enhanced a large range of my skills, particularly my skill of providing clear and encouraging written and oral feedback to help students grow their confidence in the workplace.

Bethany Correia, Honours Legal Studies & Business graduate