PD5: Project Management

PD5: Project Management introduces the basic tools and techniques used to manage projects in a wide range of industries and workplaces.

Project management extends far beyond using a calendar and writing a to-do list. Planning, scheduling, budgeting, supervising, delegating and prioritizing are all part of the project management process. If you take PD5, you'll leave the course with a better understanding of the many duties and issues that factor into effective project management. 

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What will you do in PD5?

  • Learn to use common project tools, including a work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart.
  • Identify the qualities of a successful project manager. 
  • Prepare for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam by completing extra course material. 

Grading information

To pass PD5, you must satisfy both requirements below: 

  • earn an overall grade of at least 50% on Assignments 1 - 4 (plus any bonus opportunities)

  • receive a minimum of 50% on the Major Reflective Report

If you have a question about grading in PD5, contact the course team.

Course instructor

Peter Carr

Peter Carr 

Dr. Carr is a professor in the Department of Management Sciences at the University of Waterloo. He authored the online Certificate in Project Leadership offered by the University's Centre for Extended Learning and teaches MSCI 422: The Impact of Information Systems on Society. His research interests are in supply chain management, project management, information technology management and collaboration in online education.

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Student testimonials

Great introduction to project management and covers a variety of different topics. Well organized simulations and case studies.

The case studies and simulations were comprehensive and thorough, allowing for a real-world application of project management skills and concepts.

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