First-year students

First-year academic advisors are available to assist first-year engineering students with any academic inquiries students may have. Academic advisors can be accessed via in-person appointments, online appointments, or email.


Please visit the Engineering Undergraduate Studies Office in E2 1772, or call 519-888-4567 extension 44761 to book an appointment. Drop-in appointments are welcome.


Please visit the website: Book an appointment
Darker calendar dates have open times. Clicking on a darker date shows available times to the right. Select your preferred time and complete the form below the calendar. Virtual meetings are held through MS Teams.


Please send an email to first-year engineering
Include your name, department, and student number so that we can access your files if necessary.

General first-year engineering academic advisors:

  • D. Nairn, Director of First-Year Engineering
  • D. Harris, Associate Director of First-Year Engineering
  • D. Gorman, Academic Advisor, First-Year Engineering

Department-specific first-year engineering academic advisors (on-line meeting only; contact instructor to arrange in-person, if possible)

The following program/plans have their own first-year academic advisors:

Upper-year students

If you are in 2A or higher, your academic advisor resides in your specific department/program including Software Engineering and Systems Design Engineering.


Personal Counselling

At times academic issues may get confused with personal problems (relationship issues, death in the family, etc.). We have a team of counsellors that just work with engineering students. You can find out more about them at Engineering Counselling.

To book an appointment with one of the counsellors, call 519-888-4567 extension 42655.

If you are out of the province, seek care where you are or contact EmpowerMe 1-833-628-5589.

Want to be an engineer?

Students wishing to transfer to Engineering from another faculty can contact

For more information see program transfers.