You may choose to study in an Honours or General French program. If you're not majoring in French, you can add an French Minor. Diplomas in French language (formerly called certificates in French language) are also offered if you are not majoring or minoring in French. Learn more about the various program requirements below.

French plans 

French plans (previous calendar year)

Learn more about the various program requirements from previous calendar years. To view these plans, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the undergraduate calendar
  2. Select "List of Undergraduate Archived Calendars"
  3. Select the applicable year
  4. Select "Faculty of Arts"
  5. Select "Arts Academic Plans"
  6. Select "French Studies/Études Françaises"

Available academic plans

  • Three-Year General French

  • Four-Year General French

  • Honours French

  • Honours French - French Teaching Specialization

  • Honours French (Arts and Business Co-op and Regular)

  • Joint Honours French

  • French Minor

  • Certificates in French Language

If you are unsure which calendar year you are following, please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

Admission into French plans

Current Waterloo students should consult the declare your major page. Future Waterloo students should consult the how to apply page.