Resources for faculty and staff

Ressources utiles pour les enseignants des cours de 1er cycle (PDF)

Academic integrity

Policy 71 - Student Academic Discipline Policy

Policy 72 - Student Appeals

Office of Academic Integrity

Avoiding Academic Offences

Term by term information

Accommodation Due to Illness (PDF)

Copyright Rules

Centre for Teaching ExcellenceFaculty of Arts liaison

Faculty of Arts "Beginning of Term" and "End of Term" memos

Important Dates

ITMS - e-Classroom overview (avec photos)

Schedule of Classes | Past Schedule of Classes

Examinations and Grade submissions

Accommodation Due to Illness (PDF)

Final Examination Cover Page

Assignments, Tests, and Final Exams

Final Examination Evacuation Procedures

uWaterloo closures during the exam period

Emails to students

Best practices for emailing students

Research Travel

Policy 31 - Travel

Guidelines for Travel Expenses

Research finance compliance samples

Research Travel Claim Quick Reference Tool (PDF)

Research travel claims – information for students (PDF)

Declaration of Meal Expense Form (PDF) (when original receipt is not available)

Performance appraisal



Library Resources

French Studies Library Guide

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures (Safety Office)

Fire/Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Contacts