A professional training program for Canada's next public servants

The Master of Public Service is a graduate co-op program that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need for a public service career at any level of government in Canada. 

  1. Mar. 6, 20202020 MPS Policy Datafest, sponsored by RBC, goes university-wide

    The Master of Public Service (MPS) program hosted the second annual Policy Datafest last week with more than 70 graduate students digging into public datasets to extract meaningful narratives and recommend policies for positive change.

  2. Mar. 15, 2019Inaugural MPS Policy Datafest

    While much of the world is talking big data, the story in Canada seems to be our shortage of it.

    Recent media reports about our country’s data deficit may be true to an extent, says Anindya Sen, professor of Economics, but there are actually good datasets available through open government portals. The challenge is fully utilizing them to make informed policy decisions that improve people’s lives.

  3. Mar. 13, 2019The art and science of Analyzing Big Data, by Prof Anindya Sen

    There has been recent discussion on the existence of several different data gaps across economic, social and political divides — deficits that are left unaddressed at our own peril. But there is another deficit that has, I would argue, gone relatively unnoticed but is no less important: Canada’s skills gap in data analysis.

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Ben Schnitzer

Alumnus - Class of 2012

Current position: Senior Policy Analyst, Periodical Programs Directorate, Canadian Heritage 
Co-op experience: Policy Analyst, Canadian Heritage
Academic background: Music, University of Manitoba