Hire Waterloo

Why hire uWaterloo students?

The University of Waterloo's co-operative education program sets it apart from all other universities. It is the largest and most comprehensive co-operative education program in the world. You have access to a unique talent pool with an expansive depth and breadth of skills and qualifications. From co-operative education students to alumni, Waterloo students are available and equipped with the skills to meet your unique government requirements all year round.

Why hire Master of Public Service students @ Waterloo?

Professional public service is essential to good government and global competitiveness, and Canada's public servants are among the best in the world. The one-of-a-kind MPS program seeks to build on this reputation by equipping students with the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively design and implement policies and deliver services to Canadians, at all levels of government.

Knowledge that works for you

MPS students complete ten advanced graduate courses taught by instructors from a range of academic disciplines, such as Accounting, Economics, English, French, Political Science, and Sociology. They also benefit from the participation of senior-level public servants, who give special seminars and lead classes. The final program component is a Major Team Project, in which teams of students simulate a realistic public service assignment, leading to a professional, thorough analysis of a salient public issue.

Skills that work for you

MPS students are ready to hit the ground running in their new government careers. They are already equipped with a variety of transferable skills and knowledge in areas essential to government including:

  • critical thinking and analysis
  • problem-solving and decision-making
  • social awareness
  • public policy development
  • structure and functions of the Canadian political system
  • principles of economics and cost/benefit analysis
  • working effectively in diverse, mixed teams
  • leadership and management
  • project management
  • communication styles and media awareness

Experience that works for you

As demonstrated on our co-operative education examples page and in our MPS Co-operative Education Employer Brochure (PDF), MPS students have successfully served at the federal, provincial and municipal levels as policy analysts, program advisors, business analysts, research analysts, economic development interns, environmental officers, and in many other capacities. The feedback from both employers and students is very positive.