Master of Accounting MAcc

To be eligible for the Master of Accounting program, you must have graduated from the University of Waterloo, School of Accounting and Finance programs.


Your path to the CPA designation requires the completion of prerequisite education and professional program requirements.

Your AFM or Math/CPA or Biotech/CPA + MAcc degree fulfills...

  • the CPA academic prerequisites
  • up to 16 months of the required 30 months of relevant CPA practical work experience
  • the 2 CPA core integration modules
  • 2 professional areas of study. All 4 CPA elective modules are offered during your MAcc program.
  • the 2 CPA capstone modules

SAF Alumni on the CFE Honour Roll 

SAF alumni have distinguished themselves on the Common Final Examination (CFE) Honour Roll, formerly the Uniform Final Examination (UFE). The honour roll recognizes individuals with exceptional scores on the three-day CPA certification exam. 

CFE Honour Roll Alumni Recipients (PDF)

Career focused

Your SAF undergraduate and MAcc degrees will prepare you for professional accreditation. MAcc students can gain depth in career areas such as business valuations, forensic accounting, taxation, and finance to give you a career "head start". Take advantage of your MAcc courses to explore and discover potential career interests that will open doors to your financial management career.

Learn more about SAF's Student and Graduate Employment (PDF) successes.

PhD & Academic Career Mentorship Program

The mentorship program’s purpose is to provide undergraduate and MAcc School of Accounting and Finance students who are interested in pursuing a PhD with an opportunity to learn more about an academic career in audit & assurance, cybersecurity, accounting information systems (AIS), or related fields. Specifically, the program will expose students to the research and teaching responsibilities of accounting professors in one (or more) of these areas and provide students with valuable information about benefits and costs of pursuing a PhD in the applicable area(s). 

Prospective students

Prospective MAcc students can learn more about admission and degree requirements by visiting the MAcc Academic Calendar. Each fall term, SAF students in their 4B term will be added to a MAcc Community Group on LEARN where they will be notified of important details and deadlines for the upcoming MAcc program.

NOTE: The MAcc is not open to students who have completed an undergraduate degree outside of the School of Accounting and Finance.

Admission Requirements for 2024 MAcc entry

Admission requirements for students applying to enter MAcc in January 2023 can be found in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.

Students applying to enter MAcc in January 2024 or later will follow the new admission requirements outlined below.

To be considered for admission to the MAcc 2024 program, students must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Successful completion of any of the following University of Waterloo four-year Honours undergraduate degrees, with at least a 75% average across all courses taken in the last two years of the program:
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management, with completion of the Professional Accountant Specialization
  • Bachelor of Math/Chartered Professional Accountancy Studies, or
  • Bachelor of Science/Chartered Professional Accountancy Studies

Completion of the following set of courses, with a grade of at least 60% in each course and with at least a 70% average across all courses, calculated using the maximum grade in a course in the case of repeated courses:

  • AFM 273 Financial Instruments and Capital Markets or AFM 272 Global Capital Markets
  • AFM 274 Introduction to Corporate Finance or AFM 372 Corporate Finance
  • AFM 291 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
  • AFM 311 Professional Ethics
  • AFM 321 Personal Financial Planning
  • AFM 341 Accounting Information Systems
  • AFM 362 Taxation 1 - Corporate Taxation
  • AFM 373 Cases and Applications in Corporate Finance or AFM 476 Corporate Financial Decision Making
  • AFM 382 Cost Management Systems
  • AFM 391 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
  • AFM 433 Business Strategy
  • AFM 451 Audit Strategy
  • AFM 462 Advanced Taxation
  • AFM 482 Performance Measurement and Organization Control
  • AFM 491 Advanced Financial Accounting

Note: Simply meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the MAcc program.

MAcc Convocation 2021

On November 30th, Co-Directors Dan Rogozynski and David Ha hosted a celebration of the successes of this year's MAcc graduates virtually. The MAcc grads convocated with other Waterloo graduands at a Waterloo hosted virtual Convocation event on Saturday, October 23.

SAF celebrated the achievements and successes of the Fall 2021 MAcc Class. MC’d by the Co-Directors of the MAcc program, the virtual event was attended by faculty, staff, and 150+ of the graduating MAcc class. CONGRATULATIONS!

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