Communication Studies

Testing 1, 2, 3. Testing 1, 2, 3.

In this exciting, highly interactive program (formerly Speech Communication), you’ll explore how our everyday forms of communication create meaning and shape our perspective of the world. This degree is unique within Canada for our experience-based study of verbal, non-verbal, visual, and digital communication practices.

You’ll learn to master interviewing skills, become adept at public speaking, and communicate effectively as a leader. You'll also study the dynamics of communication in your personal interactions, your classrooms, workspaces, in your use of online and digital spaces, and more broadly in media and public communication.

Over the course of your degree, you’ll hone your written and oral communication skills while developing expertise in teamwork, research, visual and digital literacy, and critical analysis — just the kind of skills that employers are hungry for. Enrolling in the co-op stream will provide insights into possible careers and paid work experience along the way.

icon of the globeInternational exchanges in 25 countries

briefcaseAvailable as a co-op and regular program

icon of open bookAvailable as a major and minor



Apply to Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business and choose Communication Studies as your major at the end of first year.

Caleb, a speech communication major, standing in front of brown background and smiles into the camera

"The work never stops, but with startups, that’s part of the fun and part of the challenge,” says entrepreneur and Honours Arts and Business (Communication Studies) grad Caleb Polley. "My arts degree gives me a unique perspective from more traditional technical founders and I am confident that this perspective will become one of my greatest assets."

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icon of network of peopleOffered by the Faculty of Arts

Graduation capEarn a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies


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Career-relevant workshops

Our professional development workshops give you a head start on careers in public relations, politics, marketing, teaching, or broadcasting.

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Enjoy small classes that range from 15 to 35 students and have the chance to really connect with your classmates and professors.