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The Department of Economics focuses on research and teaching excellence. Our research encompasses a broad range of topics and faculty members have published in the very best journals in Economics. Our graduate and undergraduate programs cover exciting real-world developments and equip students with contemporary analytic skills. Excellent co-op work opportunities combined with classroom learning are key to our students' outstanding record of success.

  1. Jan. 17, 2022And that’s a wrap! First ECON-nection mentorship program concludes
    Our Student Outreach Coordinator for Fall 2021, Yana Tiwari, presents Vicky Chen with a W Store gift card

    The end of the Fall term in 2021 also marked the conclusion of the department’s first ever mentorship program for new Economics majors. The ECON-nection mentorship program connects 2A Economics students, who are in the first term of their studies as an Economics major, with upper year Economics students as their guide and friendly colleagues.

  2. Dec. 21, 2021Our Professors feature in Macleans magazine
    photo of a shark biting a data line in a chart

    Professors Stéphanie Lluis and Mikal Skuterud are featured in Macleans magazine 'chartstravaganza' this week. Learn more about these charted trends and check out the article.

  3. Dec. 7, 2021"What is holding back progress in science, innovation and cinema?"
    collage representing the topic

    Prof. Mikko Packalen comments in The Atlantic and his work is featured.


    Credit: Bettmann / Getty; The Atlantic

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