Fall 2019 seminar schedule

Date Time Location Speaker Title Host
Friday, September 6 3:30-5:00pm EV3 3412 Semih Uslu, John Hopkins Carey Business School “Liquidity in the Cross Section of OTC Assets.” Derek Stacey
Friday, September 13 3:30-5:00pm EV3 3412 Pau Pujolas, McMaster University "Trade and Structural Transformation" Francisco Gonzalez
Friday, October 11 3:30-5:00pm EV3 3412 Victor Aguiar, Western University "The Theory of Weak Revealed Preference" Jean Guillaume Forand
Tuesday, October 29** (not a Friday) 3:30-5:00pm PAS 1241 Janet Currie, Princeton University (Distinguished Lecturer) "The Clean Air Acts and Racial Inequality in Ambient Air Pollution" Chris Riddell
Friday, November 8 3:30-5:00pm EV3 3412 Jorg Stoye, Cornell University

"Revealed Price Preference: Theory and Empirical Analysis"

Tom Parker
Friday, November 15 3:30-5:00pm EV3 3412 Lisa Kahn, University of Rochester "Dropouts Need Not Apply? The Minimum Wage and Skill Upgrading" Mikal Skuterud
Friday, November 22 3:30-5:00pm EV3 3412 David Green, UBC “The Minimum Wage, Turnover, and the Shape of the Wage Distribution” SWORDC
Friday, November 29 3:30-5:00pm EV3 3412 Andrea Craig, Windsor University “Commute Mode and Residential Location Choice.” Ana Ferrer
Friday, December 6 3:30-5:00pm EV3 3412 Nicholas Rivers, University of Ottawa

"The economic cost of air pollution: Evidence from Europe"

Juan Moreno-Cruz

Winter 2020 seminar schedule

Date Time Location Speaker Title Host
Friday, January 10 TBA TBA Juan Morales, Collegio Carlo Alberto "Jam-barrel Politics" Anindya Sen
Friday, February 7 TBA TBA Eric Bahel, Virginia Tech TBA Alain Nimubona
Friday, February 21 TBA TBA Ted McDonald, New Brunswick TBA SWORDC
Friday, February 28 TBA TBA Sergio Ocampo Diaz, Western University TBA Derek Stacey
Friday, March 6 TBA TBA Kevin Milligan, UBC TBA SWORDC
Friday, March 27 TBA TBA Shakeeb Khan, Boston College TBA Dinghai Xu
Friday, April 3 TBA TBA Ana Reynoso, University of Michigan TBA Stephanie Lluis

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