Welcome to the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute

Waterloo has 88 professors whose research is related to cryptography, security and privacy enhancing technologies, including experts in relevant areas of:

  • security and privacy policy
  • human-computer interaction
  • information retrieval
  • data science and machine learning
  • algorithms
  • networks and distributed systems
  • embedded systems
  • software engineering
  • mathematics¬†¬†

The Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research and the Cryptography, Security and Privacy Lab (CrySP) are two key components of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Centre. 

Waterloo is uniquely capable of devising effective cybersecurity and privacy tools and technologies, commercializing these tools and technologies, developing the next generation of cybersecurity leaders, and leading an industry-academic collaboration.

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Vic DiCiccio - Director, Institute for Computer Research | 519-888-4838