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Canada can be a world leader in cybersecurity and privacy, exploiting a growing need for solutions by exporting innovations in platforms, software and services to the world. Waterloo is Canada’s leader at turning information and communication technology (ICT) research into innovations that create economic advantage.

Waterloo has world-leading research strengths in:

  • Cryptography
  • Security
  • Privacy enhancing technologies
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Algorithms
  • Networks and distributed systems
  • Mathematics relevant to cryptography. 

Waterloo is uniquely capable of devising effective cybersecurity and privacy tools and technologies, commercializing these tools and technologies, developing the next generation of cybersecurity leaders, and leading an industry-academic collaboration.

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  1. June 29, 2022Who Exactly is Watching You? The Dangers of Leaving a Data Trail with UWaterloo Surveillance Researcher Jennifer R. Whitson
    Pictured is Jennifer RWhitson for her June CPI Spotlight Piece: Who Exactly is Watching You? The Dangers of Leaving a Data Trail

    Can you go for a weekend without your phone and laptop?

    To many of us, our devices are our life. Not only do they store our school and work files, but they can save important memories and personal data. Years ago, Sociology Professor and CPI Researcher Jennifer R. Whitson based a midterm on this request and students had to discuss its effect on them. Another assignment was where students “hear cop cars coming and they must live off the grid for a term. And how would they do it, right? What is their escape plan?” Unfortunately, she had to discontinue these assignments, as they were “impossible because there is no way that we could be untethered from our devices for that long.”

  2. June 22, 2022Watch How to Overcome a Data Breach with this UWaterloo & Virginia Tech video!
    Pictured is Daphne Yao for her CPI Talk: Data Breaches and Multiple Points to Stop Them

    Target and Equifax had one of the biggest data breaches ever, with hackers stealing millions of customers’ credit card information. Within a click, these esteemed companies lost their reputations and customer faith overnight. What surprised many was the nature of these attacks. Rather than infiltrating from the main systems, some of these attacks happened through a third-party vendor.

  3. June 14, 2022Tim Hortons app violated privacy laws after collecting sensitive customer data
    Close up of phone and hands with sugar and cup of coffee. Person is wearing an off a shoulder blue top

    Federal and provincial privacy authorities discovered that the Tim Hortons app was collecting customer data without their knowledge or consent. The app would ask users if they can access their location, only when using the app.

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