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Why Choose CPI

  • Opportunity to connect with UWaterloo community that can help in supporting the development and growth of the industry partner by having a synergistic effect of combining CPI faculty expertise and UWaterloo students' talent
  • An alignment with the company's community building strategy and development pipeline
  • Market exposure and brand loyalty building opportunities
  • Strengthening the company's public image through academic collaboration opportunities
  • Access to top Canadian faculty in the field of cybersecurity and privacy, as well as other industry partners to network with, collaborate, and share/brainstorm ideas with

There are multiple ways in which entities may partner with CPI. The following three branches of sponsorship possibilities outline these sponsorship directions. Please email CPI to discuss your questions and goals for sponsorship. Our Sponsorship package brochure may be downloaded here:

CPI Sponsorship Levels

CPI Partner

Minimum 2 years (customizable)

  • Deliver a call for proposals process on priority research topics to CPI faculty members
    • Semi-annual reports by Primary Investigators on the priority area targeted by the CFP
  • Participation in up to 3 consultation meetings a year with CPI faculty members
  • Depending on the sponsorship amount, options to attribute funds for:
    • a named lecture series
    • student awards (e.g., Best CPI dissertation/thesis award)
    • a named Research Chair
    • may choose to set up a named Faculty Fellow which will contain the name of the sponsor in the title
      • (i.e., “<sponsor> Faculty Fellow in Cybersecurity and Privacy”)
    • other possibilities, to be discussed with the Partner
  • Discuss deeper engagement with CPI and the Partner, e.g.,
    • Co-develop a professional upskilling cybersecurity/privacy course in partnership with WatSPEED
    • Discuss and receive updates in policy projects and reports
  • Includes Corporate Sponsor options

CPI Corporate Sponsor

$25,000+ per year

  • Student engagement event e.g., Hackathon / Capture the Flag event for specific sponsor topics 
  • Corporate Sponsors event e.g., Career day / Job fair
  • Regular reports on recent achievements by CPI researchers in selected CPI research areas
  • Invitation to CPI’s annual October event(s); including a sponsor desk where the sponsor can disseminate promotional material to students, faculty members, and other visitors
  • Participate in CPI blog posts, podcasts, and research spotlights
  • Corporate sponsors can divert their money towards a Faculty Fellow
  • Annual meeting with CPI and selected CPI experts to discuss collaboration in Sponsor’s priority research areas, I.e., CPI RoundTable Discussion
  • Additional student awards, e.g., more undergraduate awards ($1000 each), if available
  • Includes Scholastic Sponsor options

CPI Scholastic Sponsor

$15,000+ per year

  • Named student awards
    • Either a named graduate scholarship ($10,000 each)
    • Or up to 5 named undergraduate awards ($1,000 each), if available
  • Invitation to CPI’s annual October event(s)
  • Invitation to an annual meet-and-greet event with CPI scholarship/award winners
  • Dissemination of internship and job opportunities on cpi-students mailing list
  • Annual meeting with CPI to discuss Sponsor needs for research and consulting
  • Listed as a sponsor on CPI website, reports, and other collateral materials developed

CPI Faculty Fellow


  • Support delivery of continuous excellence in a specific research area of expertise relating to cybersecurity and/or privacy by awarding one of the CPI faculty members
  • Participate in technical meetings with CPI faculty member (typically twice a year)
  • Work with the faculty to launch larger initiatives such as a joint project proposal to the National Cybersecurity Consortium, or other public funding programs
  • Invitation to CPI’s annual October event(s)
  • Listed as a sponsor on CPI website, reports, and other collateral materials developed
  • Ability to advertise company’s open positions on CPI website
  • Possibility to have a short-term graduate student internship option

Our Partners, Sponsors, & Supporters