Graduate studies in cybersecurity and privacy

The University of Waterloo, in collaboration with the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute (CPI), offers graduate students unique opportunities to learn and engage in world-leading research in cybersecurity and privacy with over 60 diverse faculty members, in 16 departments across various schools and faculties. By combining expertise from these various fields the institute is driving interdisciplinary collaboration and producing world-class technologies as well as the next generation of cybersecurity leaders through industry-academic partnerships.

CPI researchers work in 9 expertise areas:

  • Cryptography

  • Data Science - Security and Privacy

  • Human & Societal Aspects of Security and Privacy

  • Legal and Policy Aspects of Security and Privacy

  • Network Security

  • Operational Security Aspects

  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

  • Quantum-Safe Communication

  • Software, Hardware, and Systems Security 


Undergraduate courses

The following is a list of undergraduate courses related to cybersecurity and privacy currently offered at the University of Waterloo. CPI continually updates this course list with any new related undergraduate courses.

Courses that are regularly offered at the University of Waterloo:

CO 485

The Mathematics of Public-Key Cryptography

CO 487

Applied Cryptography

CS 458

Computer Security and Privacy (Course Page)

ECE 409

Cryptography and System Security (Course Page)

ECE 458

Computer Security

LS 213 & SOC 213

Surveillance & Society

LS 329 & SOC 329

Security and Governance

LS 413 & SOC 413

Surveillance and Society

LS 435 & SOC 435

Cybercrime and Digital Harm

GBDA 303

Data and Society

GBDA 414

Special Topics in Interaction Design: Design for Trust, Transparency, and Safety