CPI Spotlights

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In this article series, we are proud to highlight our researchers; providing them an opportunity to discuss their research interests and academic journey, in their own words.

Xi He headshot

Xi He - Differential Privacy and Changing the World

leah zhang kennedy

Leah Zhang-Kennedy - Making Waves in Cybersecurity and Privacy through Interdisciplinary Research

murray dunne and cameron hadfield

 Murray Dunne & Cameron Hadfield - Physics-based Cybersecurity & Graduate Research

plinio morita

Plinio Morita - Population-level Surveillance, Health Monitoring, and Consent Management

Sujaya Maiyya

Sujaya Maiyya - Defending Digital Privacy: Unveiling the World of Access Pattern Attacks

sirisha rambhatla

Sirisha Rambhatla - A Real-world Machine Learning Revolution is Just Beginning

Gautam Kamath

Gautam Kamath - Trust, Privacy, and Security surrounding Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models

diogo barradas

Diogo Barradas - Censorship, Encryption, and Digital Forensics

jen whitson

Jennifer Whitson - Protecting Against Unwanted Surveillance and Discussing its Positive Uses

anindya sen

Anindya Sen - On Becoming CPI's New Associate Director, as well as Policy and Informed Choice.