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The CPI Student Newsletter is designed, written, choreographed, managed, built, manipulated, and otherwise created by UWaterloo students. We do, however, welcome input from students outside UWaterloo, especially those in secondary and primary schools. CPI believes that supporting students at all levels is crucial to developing the academic interests of everyone who will contribute to the community of cybersecurity and privacy!

If you are a student outside UWaterloo that is interested in what we do at Digital OverGround and CPI Students, please keep reading our monthly newsletter and we strongly encourage you to email us with material, questions, and ideas, we look forward to hearing from you!

We will be focusing on a wide array of topics that will be of note to those who are studying or are interested in material that has a cybersecurity and privacy aspect to it.

This page will contain links to previous issues, links to subscribe to our newsletter, and a giant button that will allow you to submit material for inclusion in this newsletter!
We are interested in a wide array of content, from articles that you have written, links to interesting content, cartoons, papers & research that you have authored or want to share, the digital sky is the theoretical limit! Send us what you have and we will chat.

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