Research grants

Congratulations to our faculty members who have received the following research grants!

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Joel Blit - "The potential for a selective immigration policy to increase innovation; evidence from Canada", 2016.

Roy Brouwer - "Payments for Wetland Ecosystem Services as a Nature-Based Solution to Sustainably Manage Urbanized Watersheds", 2019.

Pierre Chaussé - "Estimation techniques for economic or financial models based on a large or infinite number of moment conditions", 2012.

Tao Chen - "Functional dynamic factor models", 2016.

Phillip Curry - "A Structural Estimation of the Effect of Police on Crime", 2014.

Ana Ferrer - “The delay of post-secondary schooling decisions", 2016.

Ana Ferrer - "Conspicuous consumption, savings, and income inequality", 2019.

Jean Guillaume Forand - "Dynamic Political Economy", 2015.

Francisco M. Gonzalez - "The macroeconomics of labour mismatch", 2015.

Stéphanie Lluis - "Employment insurance and post-unemployment outcomes: how do men and women fare?", 2013.

Alain-Désiré Nimubona and Horatiu Rus - "Adaptation, mitigation and the impact of international trade", 2012.

Thomas Parker - "Uniform Inference Using Simple Gaussian Field Asymptotics", 2016. 

Chris Riddell - "The effects of compulsory interest arbitration on disputes, wages and service quality: evidence from a unique natural experiment in Ontario", 2018.

Anindya Sen (with Robert Kerton and others) - SSHRC Partnership Development Grant for Canadian Partnership on Public Policy-Oriented Consumer Interest Research, 2014.

Mikal Skuterud - "The impact of the temporary foreign worker program on the Canadian economy", 2016.

Global Risk Institute in Financial Services

Margaret Insley (with Peter Forsyth)- "A multi-period mean-variance approach to risk and return in climate change policy", 2016.


Tao Chen - "Behavioural finance profiling for financial advisors and clients", 2019.

Microsoft Canada

Joel Blit - "Machine learning analysis of locus and barriers to innovation", 2019.

National Institute of Aging

Mikko Packalen - "Innovation in an aging society", 2013.


Roy Brouwer - forWater Research Network, 2017. (with Alain-Désiré Nimubona and others)

PaaS Global Ltd.

Tao Chen - "Sleeping behavior investigation through deep learning", 2018.

Premise Data Corporation-AI Institute

Anindya Sen (with Joel Blit and Horatiu Rus) - "Sense and Sentiments: public goods provision and political stability", 2019.

University of British Columbia

Chris Riddell -"A Re-Assessment of the Manitoba Basic Annual Income Experiment", 2019.

University of Waterloo - Water Institute

Roy Brouwer  - "Informing investment decisions in Canada in drinking water and wastewater treatment technology to reduce environmental and human health risks of micropollutants", 2018.

University of Waterloo - Artificial Intelligence institute

Tao Chen (with Shirley Tang) - “Artificial Intelligence for Heart Failure Diagnosis and Management”, 2020.

University of Waterloo - HeForShe Gender Equity Grant

Kate Rybczynski  - "What keeps women in STEM? Can family related policy and bargaining power play a role?”, 2019.

Horatio Rus and Alain Desire-Nimubona on staircase

Read more about Professor Horatiu Rus' and Professor Alain-Désiré Nimubona's research which explores the relationship between international trade and global warming.