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We offer four graduate programs: Master's degrees in Literary Studies, in Rhetoric and Communication Design, and in Experimental Digital Media—all of which can be taken in the co-op stream, as well as a Doctorate in Language and Literature. 

Our Master of Arts degrees

Our Doctor of Philosophy degree

Our PhD, capitalizing on the same preeminent faculty that teach and direct the MA programs, allows students to develop singular research projects that combine literary, rhetorical, and digital studies.

"Theorized praxis" characterizes our degrees in all programs and at all levels. The praxis might involve soldering guns, web-design platforms, or a research library. The theory might come from Aristotle, Baudrillard, or Spivak. But we build games, sites, and essays, among other objects to think with, in careful conversation with the best thinkers who have interrogated texts and the cultural currents that shape them. That's our job, faculty and students. We love it.