Outstanding Course Performance Award

Trophies and stars.

Here are the winners of the English Department's Award for Outstanding Performance in an English Course, which is awarded each term to undergraduate students who have done exceptional work in an English course. The award may be given for an exceptional paper or other assignment, for outstanding improvement in the quality of work over the course, for outstanding contributions to class discussion or community over a term, or for a combination of these efforts. Only one award can be given out for each class section. Congratulations to the winners!

Winter 2024

Student Course Instructor Citation
Sukhmanpreet Bains ENGL 119 Megan Selinger Sukhmanpreet was my highest achieving student this year. Her work was consistently exceptional; she always came prepared to class and demonstrated professionalism in all aspects of the course. Beyond this, her work exhibited passion and a genuine desire for social change. She was a welcome addition to my class and well deserving of this award.
Hailey Bingeman ENGL 193 Jessica Van de Kemp I would like to give an Outstanding Course Performance Award to Hailey Bingeman for her outstanding contributions to our class discussions and community over the term.
Kieran  Brown ARTS 140  Eve Morton Kieran was always on-time and attentive in class; he was also the person who I could almost always count on to ask a question to the student presenting. Considering how quiet his section was, and how often people presented, sometimes he really did carry the whole class discussion and I'd like to recognize him for that. 
Johanna Chort ENGL 108 D Lara El Mekaui The student performed exceptionally in the course. They were engaged in class discussions and put a lot of effort into assignments. Notably, the student started working on the creative project that was due at the end of the semester quite early on. The student showed great  time-management and dedication when it came to developing their project. They ultimately submitted an exceptional Twine Game.
Jillian Franz ENGL 210G Danielle Deveau Jillian was a professional and talented student in this grant writing course. We worked with real clients, and Jillian was responsibly, respectful, and engaged in these high stakes, client-centred projects. Jillian was a leader on two different grant writing teams and contributed to the production of valuable and exceptional grant proposal writing for our not-for-profit clients. She went above and beyond in terms of supporting the classroom learning environment and participating fully. Fantastic job this term Jillian!
Sophia Galizia Arts130 Sadia Afrin I am giving the award to Sophia because of her consistency, brilliance, and sincerity to contribute in all discussions (in-class and on LEARN), in written projects that exhibit her exceptional and enthusiastic efforts toward learning and growth, and an outstanding final essay. Sophia tried to learn from the core and embrace the new knowledge with its entirety. She invested her critical consciousness and voice in her writing, which was the central focus of the course I teach. Her final essay embodied all the critical practices of writing and challenged the status quo of academic writing in the colonial educational system of North America. 
Romina Hashemi ENGL 306 Andrew McMurry The highest grade in this course by several points. Outstanding performance in all aspects of the course.
Amaya Kodituwakku ENGL 309G Brianna Wiens There are many reasons to nominate Amaya for this award--their attentive way of relating ideas across their classes to the topic at hand, their excellent dialogue paper on reclaiming the grotesque with classmate Jackie Cardoso, and their enthusiastic class facilitation on disability justice with Jackie Cardoso and Briana Cheah are just a few examples that would, alone, make them stand out. But here, a defining feature of Amaya's presence in class is their role as an engaged, thoughtful class citizen. In the neoliberal academy, this is hard work. Amaya focuses on building relationships of care with others in the class and moving discussions from inside the classroom out into the university community–-all while making astute, critical reflections on course materials.
Marco Lo Dico ENGL 119 Megan Selinger Marco was an exceptional student this term. Not only was he receptive to new ideas and concepts, but he was inquisitive, enthusiastic, and critically engaged in the material. Both in classroom activities and in his individual work, Marco exhibited excellence.
Sonja Markez ENGL 210F Dorothy Hadfield Sonja's regional manager reported being impressed with her performance every week of the course. Sonja was always one of the first students to submit her work, always sought clarification and confirmation on important instructions, and went above and beyond in all of her assignments. She effortlessly slipped into the leadership role during all group tasks and assignments, setting an example each week of what a committed, devoted, and hard-working team member looks like. Sonja was enthusiastic, dedicated and hardworking; a true delight to have as a student.
Sophia Mehra ENGL 109 Jessica Van de Kemp I would like to give an Outstanding Course Performance Award to Sophia Mehra for her outstanding contributions to our class discussions and community over the term.
Anish Neethi Ganesh ENGL 192 Megan Selinger I would like to nominate Anish for outstanding contributions to the classroom environment. Anish demonstrated excellent critical thinking throughout the term alongside genuine curiosity, a determination for self-improvement and, most importantly in this context, outstanding citizenship in the classroom. Numerous students commented on Anish's helpfulness throughout the term. He asked generous questions of his colleagues during presentations and passed on resources they might use in their individual reports.
Tofunmi Olywayemi ENGL 295 Danielle Deveau Tofunmi demonstrated excellence throughout the course. She was engaged with course material, participated actively and intelligently in course discussions, and excelled at written work throughout the term. Tofunmi demonstrated advanced understandings of course concepts and facility with critical analysis that went well beyond the the level expected of a second year media theory course. Tofunmi achieved perfect scores on two unit exams, an achievement that is rare in an English course of this nature. Well done Tofunmi!
Mike Qi ENGL 119 Allyson Conrad This student completed all assignments with excellence and dedication. They  participated in lectures with poignant questions and was an encouraging, hardworking group member in group assignments.

This student achieved the highest grade in the course which is testament to their hard work and dedication. Well done!
Paige Sweeney ENGL495 A/B Lamees Al Ethari I worked with Paige for two terms on her Honours Thesis, "Ethical Relationality in Helen Knott's Memoirs." The paper is an autoethnographic study of motherhood and belonging in Knott's work. Keeping in mind her position as a white settler, Paige chose to include her own experiences in learning about and researching indigenous culture and traditions. She met and interviewed the author in order to present a more comprehensive perspective and analysis of the work. Her research is thoughtful, insightful, and engaging in its presentation of the impact that colonialism has had on relationality within indigenous communities and, in turn, it sheds light on these communities' practices of healing and resilience.   
Brandon  Tan ENGL 119 Allyson Conrad This student consistently displayed excellence in their completion of assignments. They were always on time to class and participated in lectures and group assignments with congeniality and hard work.

This student achieved the highest grade in the course which is testament to their hard work and dedication.
Alexandra  Veenstra ENGL 493 Danielle Deveau Alexandra entered this audio production course with limited audio experience, and rapidly worked to develop her skills, producing 3 exceptional audio works. Alexandra's work was mature, courageous, and honest. She fully embraced the challenge of making engaging audio art. Wonderful work this term Alexandra!
Steve Wood ENGL200B Kate Lawson This was a difficult choice because there were so many excellent students in ENGL200B in winter 2024. Steve edged them by a nose because of his stellar Essay 2 submission. Congratulations Steve!