Graduate Community

Graduate study isn't just about the courses you take or the research work that you do; it's also about the people you meet.

  • Our Faculty profiles page will introduce you to our faculty's teaching areas, research focuses, and backgrounds.
  • Our  PhD students and Master's students pages will introduce you to the academic and non-academic interests of your fellow graduate students.

Groups and associations

There are number of organizations on campus that will give you a chance to connect with other graduate students:

  • Take part in the Student Association for Graduates in English (SAGE). SAGE represents the issues and concerns of graduate English students to the faculty, giving students an official voice in the English department and influencing the design of our degree programs. It also organizes social events and professional development opportunities. Follow SAGE on Twitter at @UW_SAGE.
  • The uWaterloo Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student-run not-for-profit organization of University of Waterloo graduate students. The GSA actively promotes and represents graduate student interests to the university administration and various levels of government, lobbying on issues such as student funding, working conditions, academic regulations, and university services.
  • Volunteer with the International Student Experience facilitated by uWaterloo.
  • International Student Experience services has resources, services, and support to help you be successful at the University of Waterloo.