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Our unique undergraduate program features our faculty members’ strengths in the study of literature, rhetoric and communication design, and digital media. For general information on the English program, see Considering UWaterloo English?

Degree options

We offer a number of degree and program options. You can take a four-year honours or general degree with a specific major, a three-year general English degree, or one of our English minors.

Four-year honours and general degrees

You can choose any of the following majors for your four-year honours or general degree:


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Study a wide range of national and historical literatures and a broad variety of texts ranging from epic poetry and Renaissance drama to fantasy fiction and graphic novels.

Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communication

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Study rhetoric, professional writing and information design, and digital media. Pursue your interests in advertising, technical writing, document design, and digital media.

Literature and Rhetoric

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Combine the dual strengths of our department, and pursue your interests in both areas.


You can combine your honours degree with one of our specializations in creative writing, digital media studies, English literature in a global context, or technical writing. Honours English students can also complete their degree in co-op mode with alternating study and work terms. You can take your honours English degree as part of an Honours Arts and Business degree, and we also offer joint honours degrees in each field. 

Three-year General Degree

We offer a Three-Year General English degree.

English Minors

For students enrolled in other degree programs, we offer two minors:

  • General English
  • Technical Writing