Confront some of life's biggest questions

What is the nature of the human mind? What makes a just society? How can we lead a moral life? 

Philosophy has long been a central component of a liberal arts education — and with good reason. It teaches you critical reasoning like no other discipline. It’s also an excellent addition to studies in mathematics and the sciences. 

In the Philosophy program at Waterloo, you’ll explore enduring dilemmas of human existence, learn the fundamentals of formal logic, and apply philosophical reasoning to highly topical issues and current events. And have the opportunity to apply it all in your co-op work terms, too.

Once you graduate, you’ll have a wide range of options. A philosophy degree is ideal for a career in law and valuable preparation for just about any field that demands breadth of thinking, careful reading, thorough analysis, and clear argumentation.

icon of the globeInternational exchanges in 25 countries

briefcaseAvailable as a co-op and regular program

icon of open bookAvailable as a major and minor


Philosophy degree admissions

Apply to Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business and choose Philosophy as your major at the end of first year.

Marble busts of philosophers you might learn about in a philosophy degree.

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icon of network of peopleOffered by the Faculty of Arts

Graduation capEarn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy


Ready to learn more?

70+ upper-year courses

Take advantage of an impressive variety of courses after first year, from metaphysics to feminist philosophy to the ethics of end-of-life care.

Get serious work experience

Explore potential careers while earning your Philosophy degree. Choose the co-op system and graduate with 20 months of paid experience.