A Quick Overview of WebEx Features

WebEx is an audio and video conferencing tool designed for small group collaborations and meetings, or large scale web-based public events. Visit the IST Knowledge Base for more information about WebEx. The two uses that are most pertinent to instructors are WebEx Meetings and WebEx Training.

  • WebEx Meetings is designed to provide a live online space for meetings, classroom conversations, and other collaborative meetings. Member of audience can open their mic and speak at any time, they don’t need permission from the host. This is the recommended tool for online teaching.
  • WebEx Training is most appropriate for larger classes (more than 50) where the focus is on the instructor presenting course content

Please review the Privacy in Recordings page, which includes a downloadable notification template to post in your course.

Not sure which WebEx tool to use? See the WebEx comparison overview table on the IST Knowledge Base to see key features of each tool.