Privacy in Recordings

In the course of teaching you may choose to record activities such as lectures, tutorials, or labs. These recordings may put students in the position of having some of their personal information recorded which may have privacy implications. You should review the guidelines for instructors on the Secretariat’s website prior to undertaking any recording involving students and student data.

Key considerations include:

  • Providing students with appropriate notification posted in LEARN at the beginning of term. Recording activities should also be described at the outset of the course (e.g., within the course syllabus, on the course website, etc.) and at the first instance of activity that is expected to be recorded. Download Notice of Recording template (Word 101 kb)
  • Providing students with instructions on how to disable their cameras and microphones, and where applicable provide a pseudonym.
  • Ensuring that students will not be disadvantaged by not attending a live session or participating in the recording due to privacy concerns by providing them with suitable alternatives (e.g., watching the recording at a later date with opportunity for questions; making a presentation with camera off)

Questions about recording course activity should be sent to

General questions about information and privacy should be sent to