What is "project funding"

Project funding is the default form of funding that is granted by the Math Endowment Fund. A project is any request for funding that involves a group of people or an operation that is not done for an individual's professional development. 

How to receive project funding

The first step to getting project funding is to submit a Project Funding proposal for your funding. There is a standard form for this in order to make sure all of the proposals we receive provide similar information.

Each term has a deadline for proposals to be submitted, so make sure to submit your proposal as early as possible in order to be considered.

Once the proposal deadline has passed, the Executive Director will set up a time for each applicant to present to Funding Council, which is the body that decides how much funding to allocate to each project. Funding Council usually meets in the second half of the term.

Once an allocation has been set, the Board of Directors will approve the allocation and applicants will receive an email notifying them of the amount they were granted.

Since Funding Council meets in the last half of the term and the Board of Directors must meet after Funding Council, funding results will usually not be known until the term is almost finished. In order to adequately plan for your funding, proposals should be submitted one term in advance of when the funding is needed. Funding Council does not look kindly upon retro-active proposals.

Project Funding proposals for the Winter 2024 term are closed.

Contact the Executive Director if you have any questions.