Reasons to Support MEF

Reasons to Support Mathematics Endowment Fund (MEF)

The allocation of MEF money is decided by students.

The Funding Council that decides what organizations/clubs/groups/departments receive is composed of majority of undergraduate students that are on-campus for that term along with 2 Alumni and a few faculty representatives. 

MEF offers funding and expects nothing back in return.

When it comes to sponsors for student groups, this is rare. MEF enables positive student learning experiences both inside and perhaps more importantly, outside the classroom.

Quick stats:

  • MEF currently allocates ~$190 000 per term in funding (for student clubs, Orientation, professional development funding etc.)
  • MEF's principal amount is over 9 million
  • MIT's principal amount is now 17.4 billion

Your MEF Donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Your donation receipt is available on Quest. You end up paying less tax and in the process you help yourself, UWaterloo and all the undergraduate math students around you!