How to claim funding

Please note that MEF will not reimburse any expenses in which a donation tax receipt is issued.

Before filling out the appropriate paperwork; read over the How to Claim Funding Documentation (pdf) to determine the type of funding, how to fill out the appropriate documentation, and the documentation needed with the claim.  An FAQ can be found at the end of this document. Note that you have exactly one year to spend the fund and submit all claims before the expiry date stated on your approval email.

There are different ways to claim your funding based on what was spent, and who the purchaser is.

WUSA clubs, Societies and society clubs

If the funding was received after Spring 2019, please contact WUSA and fill out their club or Society forms to process your reimbursement. In addition, please ensure that all conditions specified in your funding approval email have been met in order to be reimbursed.

Individuals and other bodies

If an individual made the purchase, please submit an Expense Claim Form (xlsx) with other documentation including paid invoice(s)/receipt(s), screenshot(s) of the line item(s) on your bank statement that corresponds to the purchase, showing:

  • what was purchased,
  • who purchased it and how, and
  • that the purchase was used as required;

In the case that you attended an event and are applying for Professional Development funding, please also attach proof of attendance.

For more details on this, see the university document on original receipts.

Please ensure your direct deposit is set up on QUEST; due to delays from admin moving to WFH, there may be delays in claims being processed.

The same process is used for WUSA clubs.

University departments

If the organization making the purchase is internal to the university, contact the Math Faculty Finance Officer to determine the best way to receive funding. 

Engineering Design Teams

To claim the funding, please contact your respective Department in the Engineering Faculty. Below is a list of important notes on the reimbursement process particularly for design teams:

  • You have exactly one year to spend the funds and they will not be available until next term.
  • You must be reimbursed through your own UW team account first, and then later reimbursed by MEF throughone final transfer before the expiry date stated on this proposal. This means that anyone applying for funding MUST have their own UW account.
  • Once all reimbursements have been charged to your UW account, you are to request a Unit4 transaction report from the person who manages that account.
  • You must have all reimbursement requests submitted and processed through your own UW account 3-4 weeks before the MEF expiry date so that they can be processed in time to show up on a Unit4 transaction report. This is to show that the expenses were indeed paid out from your account.  
  • You must compile all of the required paperwork (i.e. receipt(s), paid invoice(s), proof(s) of payment such as screenshot of corresponding line(s) on bank statement, etc.) and send them to the person that manages their account (and then in turn, it gets sent to the appropriate person to prepare the transfer).

External organizations

For corporations that are audited, simply submit an invoice showing what was spent to claim the reimbursement. 

Otherwise, please submit an individual reimbursement claim for the purchaser of any expenses. 

Large Expenditures

Large expenditures can be made through the University. Please contact the Executive Director to organize the expenditure.

FORM: Expense Claim Form (xlsx) 

GUIDE: How to Claim Funding Documentation (pdf)

Please contact the Executive Director with any questions.