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The Mathematics Endowment Fund (MEF) is an income-generating fund that exists to finance projects that are in the best interests of undergraduate math students at the University of Waterloo.

You can find out more about how MEF operates or read its constitution and bylaws in the about section.

Information on acquiring funding and getting reimbursed can be found in the sidebar. 

If you want to get involved, consider nominating yourself for Funding Council or apply to be next terms executive director. 

  1. June 10, 2017Spring 2017 Important Dates

    We are now accepting funding proposals and nominations for Funding Council!

    Funding Council nominations are due on June 23 at midnight. To nominate yourself, fill out a nomination form (found under the Funding Council tab) and submit it to the Executive Director via email.

    Funding proposals are due on July 9 at midnight. To submit a proposal, fill out a proposal form (found under the Funding Grants tab) and submit it to the Executive Director via email.

    Please keep a look out on this website for any updates on these deadlines.

  2. May 1, 2017Welcome to Spring 2017!

    The Math Endowment Fund (MEF) executive director for spring 2017 is Robert Maronowski. If you have any questions please email him at mefcom@uwaterloo.ca.

    Please keep a look out on this website and in e-mails for any updates on this term's proposal and funding council deadlines and the upcoming elections.

  3. Apr. 25, 2017Winter 2017 Funding Granted

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Meet our people

Robert Maronowski

Executive Director

Robert has been an active member of the Math Endowment Fund for many terms, and is excited to lead the operations of the fund as the Spring 2017 Executive Director.

If you want to get involved, or have any questions about the Math Endowment Fund, he is happy to help!