Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  1. administering the affairs of the Endowment Fund;
  2. enacting resolutions concerning Funding Grants recommended to it by the Funding Council;
  3. appointing agents and engaging employees as it shall deem necessary. 

All funding grants must be approved by the Board of Directors. 

Minutes from the past meetings of the Board of Directors are available.

Applications to sit on the Board of Directors are closed for the term.

Applications to be the Spring 2023 Executive Director are closed.


Position Name
Chair (Endowment Director) Daniel Matlin
Executive Director (Winter 2023) Daniel Matlin


Position Name
Dean's Designate Christiane Lemieux
Faculty Representative (appointed by Funding Council) (vacant)
Alumni Representative Kanan Sharma
Member-at-Large Feiyang Li
Member-at-Large Eric Yao
Undergraduate Representative Samantha Kaiser
Undergraduate Representative Linda Liu
Executive Director (Fall 2022) Matthews Ma
Executive Director (Spring 2022) Audrey Lafortune

Contact the Executive Director with any questions. 

The current Board of Directors can be contacted at