Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  1. administering the affairs of the Endowment Fund;
  2. enacting resolutions concerning Funding Grants recommended to it by the Funding Council;
  3. appointing agents and engaging employees as it shall deem necessary. 

All funding grants must be approved by the Board of Directors. 

To be considered for an appointment to the Board of Directors, please e-mail a letter of intent to the Board of Directors

To become a member of the Board of Directors through election, please e-mail a Director Nomination form (pdf) to the Executive Director.


Position Name
Chair (Endowment Director) Andres Garcia Rodriguez
Executive Director Andres Garcia Rodriguez
Secretary (vacant)
Treasurer (vacant)


Position Name
Winter 2017 Elected Director Tristan Potter
Spring 2017 Elected Director Robert Martin Maronowski
Dean of Math (ex-officio)

Stephen Watt

Representative: Gayle Goodfellow

Alumni Representative (vacant)
Faculty Representative Kevin Hare
Undergraduate Representative Simone Hu
Undergraduate Representative  
Undergraduate Representative  
St. Jeromes Representative  
Member-at-Large Sunny Tang
Member-at-Large Arshia Mufti
Member-at-Large Alex Lee
Member-at-Large Talia McCormick
Member-at-Large Yuqian (Ina) Wang

The deadline to submit a nomination for a Directorship for Spring 2018 is to be decided. 

Contact the Executive Director with any questions. 

The current Board of Directors can be contacted at