Professional Development Funding

What is "professional development" funding?

The Professional Development Fund was created to "fund professional development activities for individual undergraduate mathematics students". 

This includes funding for:

  • publication fees;
  • activities delivered in an online format;
  • conference accommodation, travel, and registration; and
  • other initiatives that benefit the career of an individual student

This does not include examination fees, designation fees or certification fees.

Funding can only be granted up to $750 per proposal by default. 

Note that in practice applicants will be expected to pay at least some amount of the costs. 

How to receive professional development funding:

The first step is to complete the professional development funding proposal form.

The Executive Director will then evaluate the project and the funding available for the term and make a funding decision. 

There are no deadlines to apply for professional development funding; however, retro-active funding will usually be rejected. Retro-active here refers to the applicant already spending the money before applying for funding.

As there is a limited amount of funding available for professional development, professional development funding is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Professional Development Funding proposals are now open for the Winter 2023 term. You may submit a proposal using the form at the bottom of this page.

Contact the Executive Director if you have any questions.