Terms for Project Funding

Guidelines for Funding Requests

The following is a list of priorities for Funding Grants.  MEF is not restricted to funding projects on this list.  However, the vast majority of Funds allocated should be towards these types of projects.

  • Improved learning facilities
  • Improved Teaching Assistants
  • Improved Computing Services
  • Other Lab Equipment
  • Support for academic Math clubs
  • Funding of classes that students want offered, which otherwise would be cut or not offered
  • Projects of various departments/students with an academic purpose
  • Guest Speakers

As the proposal sponsor, you or a representative must attend the MEF council meeting to answer questions that funding council members might have regarding your project.  If for any reason you or a representative is unable to attend the council meeting, your request will be deferred until the following academic term.  The on-stream Director will notify you of council meetings where questions may arise regarding your request

Important Notes

  1. All submissions must be accompanied by a formal estimate of cost.
  2. MEF does not guarantee funding. Requests for Funding are approved with a variety of factors in mind, such as the amount of funding available for a given term and the total number of requests made.
  3. If your project received funding from MEF, a series of “Accountability Guidelines” must be fulfilled.These guidelines will be explained after funding is granted.
  4. MEF reserves the right to defer any submission to the following academic term, due to time constraints.
  5. Members of the MEF funding council are not eligible to make submissions for project funding.

By submitting a project funding proposal, you acknowledge that you have read through the guidelines and notes and agree to be bound by them.