Request to book M3 Atrium

If you are interested in booking the M3 Atrium/Patio for an event, please complete and submit the form below.

Please note that the space is bookable only if there are no classes/exams in room M3 - 1006, in order to avoid disruption of educational activities. Once you receive confirmation that the space is available for your group's use, it will be your obligation to check with Jamie Doerbecker in Central Stores to confirm if M3 - 1006 is in use or not at the time when you intend to use the space. 

At the end of your event, you are responsible for ensuring that the space is left as it was found. Please note that you may need to order janitorial services as well as support from Central Stores to move the furniture back into the space (if you requested it removed for the purpose of your event).

If your booking is during July 1 to September 30, please be aware that the furniture will be moved out of the space during that period, every year, and cannot be moved back on demand.

If your booking is during Oct 1 to June 30 and you need to request that the furniture be removed from the space, please ensure that it is returned and set up within 72 hrs.

Will you require the furniture in that space
To have the furniture moved in or out of the space, please make arrangements with Tony Bairos in Central Stores.