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For any academic exchange or study abroad program, Math students must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Year level

Students are eligible to go abroad in their third year of study or higher. Students can go on exchange in their final term of study but you should expect a delayed graduation as a result. Double degree students are eligible to study abroad in their fourth year or higher. Math/CPA students are eligible to study abroad in their 4A term.

2. Academics

You must have a minimum cumulative average (CAV) of 75%, you need to be in at least good academic standing for your current major, and have a faculty average (FAV) of 70%+. We will also look at your general progress in both math and non-math courses.

The Faculty of Mathematics has the final decision on whether to endorse a student, taking a student's entire academic record into account. The endorsement can be revoked if academic performance suggests a student is unlikely to be successful on exchange.

3. Strong Ambassador for Math and the University of Waterloo.

As a participant in the exchange program, you will be a representative of the Faculty of Mathematics and the University of Waterloo. Unprofessional conduct or behaviour, including academic offences, which reasonably casts doubt on your ability to be a strong ambassador for the University of Waterloo may result in your application not being endorsed by the faculty.

4. Language requirements

Many of our host schools offer courses in English and do not require you to speak the official language of the country where you will be studying. Exceptions include some programs in France, Sweden and Spain and many programs in Germany and China. You must show your fluency in the language of instruction before you will be placed at those host schools. Note: Proficiency or fluency in the language of the country you are going to may allow you to take a wider range of courses. We encourage all students to take language courses at Waterloo before they depart if they have no background in the common language in the country where they will be studying.

Last updated: 17 November 2021.