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Dive into data and help predict the future

Every day, huge amounts of data are generated by business, scientific, and social activity taking place all around us. With data coming from sensors, digital images, streaming video, satellite and medical imagery, and from interactions with cloud computing, data-driven approaches to decision making are being applied in areas as diverse as medicine, business, advertising, and entertainment.

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  1. May 27, 20212021/22 Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence recipients announced
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  2. Apr. 5, 2021The power of machine learning
    Jaskirat Bhatia

    “Gaining broad technical skills in artificial intelligence and data science isn’t actually that challenging,” recognized Jaskirat Bhatia. “You can find countless tutorials on Youtube that will teach you the basics. But they can’t tell you which tools to apply to which problems. They can’t guide your learning in any way.” That’s where the Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (MDSAI) comes in. 

  3. Oct. 15, 2020A good challenge
    Max Niebergall sitting on a lime green box

    A self-described “lifelong technology enthusiast,” Max Niebergall enrolled in the Master of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (MDSAI) program to launch an impactful career in data science.

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