About Data Science

Data Science leverages large volumes of data generated from numerous and diverse sources, as well as any new kind of cloud interaction as it becomes available in our increasingly digital world.

The field of Data Science studies the application and development of methods that facilitate insight from available data in order to understand, predict, and improve business strategy, products and services, marketing campaigns, medicine, public health and safety, as well as numerous other pursuits. 

The methods of Data Science involve elements of Statistics, Computer Science and Combinatorics and Optimization. The need for integrated research across both disciplines is acutely felt across all industries. Our research along with our undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Science, Statistics and Combinatorics and Optimization are seamlessly integrated with one another through one Data Science program and research area, in order to provide breadth and depth in both areas as they pertain to the emerging and world-recognized discipline of data science. Individuals with knowledge in this area are in high demand.

Meet our Program Directors Tamer Özsu and Yuying Li

Headshot of Tamer Özsu
Tamer Özsu
Headshot of Yuying Li
Yuying Li