Potential Supervisors

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Potential supervisors actively seeking data science students

Students in the Master of Mathematics (MMath) in Data Science program will be matched with a supervisor. Students do not need to be matched with a supervisor before applying, as faculty members may only agree to supervise students after seeing a list of available applications. Nonetheless, applicants are encouraged to list in their application potential supervisor(s) whose research interests are related to the applicant’s background and/or research goals, since an offer of admission will only be made if the student is matched with a supervisor. A list of faculty members who have notified us that they are actively seeking MMath in Data Science thesis students (and the terms they've specified) will be listed here.  

Combinatorics and Optimization

Stephen Vavasis - Fall 2024

Computer Science

Edith Law - Fall 2024

Jesse Hoey - Fall 2024

Justin Wan - Fall 2024

Maura R. Grossman - Fall 2024

Yuying Li - Fall 2024

Statistics & Actuarial Science

Ali Ghodsi - Fall 2024

Stefan Steiner - Fall 2024

Tony Wirjanto - Fall 2024

Nathaniel Stevens - Fall 2024

In addition to the list above, feel free to review our full list of faculty members who can supervise data science students. You can view their profiles to see who matches your research interests but note that they may not be actively seeking MMath in Data Science thesis students.

There will be space in your application to indicate potential supervisors that you would be interested in working with.

Frequently Asked Questions related to finding a supervisor

What is the appropriate time to start writing to potential supervisors?

A student can start to contact potential supervisors after the successful submission of their application. Please note that there is no guarantee that a supervisor you contact will get back to you. In addition, some supervisors may not start considering applicants until after the application deadline has passed and full application files become available.

What do potential supervisors look for in an applicant's profile?

Supervisors will likely be interested in the applicant's academic background and performance, prior experience relevant to their research, as well as the applicant's interest on specific research topics.

Please also refer to our general information for finding a supervisor.