Data Science Advisory Board

Data Science Advisory Board 2022 - 2023

When there are multiple members in the same sector/category, members are listed alphabetically by their last names.

Members from Industry

Sectors are listed alphabetically by the names used to identify them

Financial Sector                       

Yannick Lallement

VP, Global Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Eugene Wen

VP, Group Advanced AnalyticsManulife Financial

Health Sector                                 

Jeff Hatcher

Director, Advanced AnalyticsCanadian Institute for Health Information

Technology Sector

Mohammad Norouzi

Team Lead and Manager, Machine Learning

Google Toronto

Members from Academia

Categories are listed by their relative distances to UW Data Science.

Non-UW Faculty

Paul McNicholas

Professor, Department of Mathematics & StatisticsMcMaster University

UW Non-Math Faculty

Anindya Sen

Professor, Department of Economics
UW Math Faculty

Hans De Sterck

Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics
Co-Director of UW AI Institute

Jimmy Lin

Professor, Cheriton School of Computer Science