What are the different residences at Waterloo?

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Applied to university? Check. Received your university acceptance (congrats!)? Check. Accepted your offer to Waterloo? Check. Now all that’s left on the to-do list is to figure out which residence you want to live in.

With so many residences available to you, knowing which one will best meet your needs can be a bit tricky. But you're in luck! Here’s the rundown on each residence at Waterloo to help you differentiate them and figure out the right place for you.

Each residence is a unique community

Two students walking outside Village 1

Village 1 (V1)

Village 1 is a traditional dorm-style residence, with single, double, and interconnecting rooms (an interconnecting room has two rooms connected by one door). In V1, you’ll have a meal plan to use at any food outlet on campus, including Mudie’s, the V1 eatery.

For each of the 26 houses in V1, there’s a shared lounge with a kitchenette (including a fridge), and an IT service desk. Plus, in the warmer months, you can study in the sun on the V1 roof.


V1 provides you with the perfect opportunity to find a space that is suitable for your personality. I like it because there's a unique balance of being able to socialize with everyone on your floor, but to equally have a space that only belongs to you.

Chantel, Accounting and Financial Management student

Three students walking outside Ron Eydt Village (REV). There are trees linining the path they are walking on.

Ron Eydt Village (REV)

REV is another traditional residence. Every room in REV is a double room, so you’ll share a room with a roommate — which means plenty of opportunity to make a close friend and create lasting memories. In REV, you’ll also enjoy a meal plan and likely eat at REVelation. Another benefit is that there's a gym right in the building, which makes leg day a lot easier to achieve!


REV is fun for those who like to get more involved with the community and activities that go on. The structure, environment, and student demographics make it easy to have fun.

Russel, Mechanical Engineering student

Groups of students walking outside Mackenzie King Village

Mackenzie King Village (MKV)

Passionate about cooking? MKV is a suite-style residence, which means that students living here have a kitchen to prepare their own meals.

In suite-style residences, meal plans are optional, so you have the choice of eating at places around campus or you can cook your own food.

MKV is the only suite-style residence with air conditioning, which is nice if you're living here in the summer.

And last but certainly not least, be sure to check out the MKV community centre, where you can play pool, ping pong, or foosball!

MKV is great for students who enjoy cooking and managing their space, and/or being social while still having their own space to go to!

Dhriti, Honours Arts, Social Development Studies & Psychology student

Students and their families walking infront of Claudette Millar Hall on move-in day with suitcases in hand

Claudette Millar Hall (CMH)

CMH, our newest residence, is a traditional-style dorm with single and semi-private rooms.

A semi-private room is a double room that offers you and your roommate a little more privacy (there’s a half wall between you two).

CMH has an eatery called The Market which features a local grill, customizable wood-stone pizza, customizable burritos, the biggest salad bar on campus, and a Booster Juice.

There's also a micro-grocery store and grab and go cold meals to heat up when you’re ready to eat them.

The experience of living in CMH was something I didn't even know I wanted until I got it, and I couldn't be happier!

Kezia, Global Business and Digital Arts student

Students walking outside UWP, a shorter residence building.

UW Place (UWP)

UWP is another suite-style residence with two-, three-, or four-bedroom suites. It's located right beside the LRT stop and across the street from Waterloo Park, as well as the University Shops Plaza, which has an assortment of food options to try out like Gol's Lanzhou Noodle, William's Fresh Cafe, and Kismet Restaurant and Kabob Shack.

The UW Place cafeteria is The Market — next door in CMH. Each suite has its own kitchen, perfect for prepping for future stardom on Masterchef. There’s also a free shuttle that will take you to Bridgeport Plaza (a shopping centre that has a Walmart, Bulk Barn, and multiple restaurants) every Saturday so you can stock up on your grocery essentials.


One really great thing about living at UWP is that you have your own space. Since it's suite style, you get your own bedroom, plus a shared living space for you and your roommates. I liked that I was able to choose when I wanted to be social and just how social I wanted to be.

Alexis, Arts and Business student

Three students walking outside of the Columbia Lake Village townhouses

Columbia Lake Village (CLV) townhouses

In CLV, you'll live with three other students in a four-bedroom townhouse! There’s a community centre close by with games and events. There’s no eatery located in CLV because there's a kitchen in the townhouse.

However, you can still get a meal plan to eat on campus, and there’s a plaza close by with a grocery store. CLV also has a shuttle that goes directly to campus, so you won't have to worry about the travel. In the warmer months, you can enjoy studying in your backyard and hosting BBQs.


The best thing about CLV was that I really had my own space (and a lot of it). I felt I had more privacy than in other residences. Maintaining the house really helped me adjust to living with my peers which also helped me learn how to manage my time better.

Krista; Environment, Resources and Sustainability student

Minota Hagey (MH)

MH is a traditional residence with single rooms and shared kitchens and bathrooms. You have the option to get a meal plan to use on campus. MH is one of the closest residences to campus, making it convenient for morning classes.

However, it’s exclusive to upper-year students. So if you loved residence in first year, you can choose to stay on campus again in MH!

University Colleges

Looking for a smaller community to live in your first year? The University Colleges could be the perfect fit for you! Located right on campus, these close-knit communities also offer leadership opportunities and support, as well as excellent amenities and academic specializations.

students playing pool

Conrad Grebel (CGR)

Conrad Grebel (CGR)

Conrad Grebel is a traditional style residence with floor-to-ceiling windows you'll share with your roommate. It’s the smallest residence on campus where you'll get to know everyone by name, engage in fascinating conversations, and participate in lots of events and activities. Grebel boasts home-cooked meals and has ample space for recreation, snack prep, studying, and music making!

Grebel is the only residence on campus that has a separate application and a group interview for admission. Applying by mid-May is encouraged — you'll find out about your Grebel residence offer before the deadline for the 100% housing guarantee.


I enjoy the food at Grebel. But I also I love how I always find myself staying in the dining hall well past finishing my meal, and never eating alone or being bored.

Simon, Systems Design Engineering

Renison (REN)

Renison building

Renison offers single and double room accommodations in a close-knit residence, located close to main campus. With the lowest don to student ratio, Renison prides itself on providing students a supportive environment as they transition to university life.

Renison celebrates diversity by housing students from all six Waterloo faculties that come from many different countries. You may enjoy a diverse, all-you-can-eat meal plan or refine your cooking skills in My Pantry — a fully stocked cooking area on site. You’ll also have access to over 150 paid leadership positions through Renison’s vibrant residence and student life!


As an international student, I loved how Renison felt so welcoming and I appreciated all the support the residence staff offered. It really helped me build community and set me up for success.

ADEMA, Kinesiology

St. Jerome's (STJ)

St. Jerome's (STJ)

Built in 2017, the St. Jerome’s residence is modern, spacious, and convenient. Just steps from Health Services and the Student Life Centre, our central location is just one of the many reasons Waterloo students choose to live at St. Jerome’s. Laundry is on-site and included in your residence fees — no need for quarters or a laundry card! SJU offers single and double rooms; each room comes with its own vanity sink and mirror. You can enjoy fresh, sustainable, and locally sourced dishes from talented chefs, and all-you-can-eat style dining. 


The kitchen was a way for me to connect and get to know students living at SJU, while also having the opportunity of being able to bake and cook. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

Chiara, Political Science

United College (UC)

United College (UC)

United College has a variety of rooms to fit your personality and needs. Choose a double room with privacy barriers or an en-suite washroom, or a traditional single room. All rooms have individual temperature control (heating and air conditioning), and an all-you-can-eat meal plan.

You can hang out with friends in one of (or all of!) United's common areas: Watson’s Eatery, the games room, television lounge (with a fireplace!), or the new multipurpose area.


United College has been a home to me throughout my undergrad. It has introduced me to so many incredible people who have helped make my university experience special!

Erica, Planning 

For more information, take a look at our page about Waterloo's residences. Unsure of which residence is right for you? Compare our residences and find your fit! Or book a tour and check out the different residences in person to really get a feel for where you'd like to live.




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