English Language and Literature

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English Language and Literature at Renison University College offers students the opportunity to develop and hone their critical reading and writing skills through the study of literature and other written texts. Building on the expertise and strengths of our faculty members, our courses enable students to learn the fundamentals of written communication while engaging with how language creates meaning in the world.

ENGL Course Offerings


ENGL 100A - Fiction

An introduction to fiction through the detailed examination of a range of novels and/or short stories.

ENGL 129R - Written Academic English

Designed specifically for students for whom English is not the first language, this writing skills course provides instruction in grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, elements of composition, and academic essay writing, including a focus on theme, development of central ideas, exposition, and argumentation.

(Not open to fluent writers of English. Cross-listed with EMLS 129R)

ENGL 132R - Introduction to Modern Arab and Muslim Drama

The course explores contemporary Arab and Muslim drama in English (1940s-present) from multiple perspectives, including literary, social, economic, and political.

(Cross-listed with SI 132R)

ENGL 140R - The Use of English

This course examines the use of English in a variety of contexts (colloquial, scientific, legal, political, commercial, journalistic, literary, etc.) to increase critical awareness of the language and help students write more clearly and effectively.


ENGL 205R - The Canadian Short Story

The short story is Canada's most vibrant literary form. Students will examine short stories from the 19th century to the present. Topics to be covered may include national, regional and Indigenous identity, mythology, multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism, as well as explorations of contemporary social justice issues.

ENGL 240R - Migration, Diaspora, and Exile in Muslim Narratives

This course examines Muslim narratives written in the diaspora, such as from North America or the United Kingdom. It investigates the diversity of Islamic culture and expression in diasporic contexts, exploring an array of experiences and issues written from various sociocultural locations.

(Cross-listed with SI 240R)

ENGL 241R - Sacred Spaces and Human Geographies in Muslim Literary Expressions

Using the Muslim dimension as a central theme, this course explores the social, cultural, and political implications to be found in a range of postcolonial literatures from Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. Students investigate issues such as identities, nationalism and politics, cultural memory, and sacred space and place.

(Cross-listed with SI 241R)


ENGL 346R - Global Asian Diasporas

This course explores the literature and culture from one or more global Asian diasporas, with particular emphasis on cultures of East Asian origin. Topics may include identity, transnationalism, imperialism, war, labour, migration, and popular culture.

(Cross-listed with EASIA 346R)