Student life in the Faculty of Arts

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Getting involved on campus has its perks. It’s a way to find new friends, a way to network, and a way to make the most of your university experience. In the Faculty of Arts, you’ll find so many ways to get involved and connect with other Arts students.

Hear from Faculty of Arts students

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It all falls into place when you find the right major

“Now I have a huge group of about 20 people who are in the same program and I know I can message them anytime.”

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University is much more than just classes and co-op

“I’ve met so many people through these groups. We have study sessions. We go to football matches and out for dinner.”

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Big help means even bigger personal growth

“Being involved is a great way to explore what your interests are and find what you want to do in the future.”


Explore a day in the life in Arts

Is iced coffee the most important part of your day? For Cheryl, it’s just one of the many checkboxes on her daily to-do list. See what a whole day looks like for her.

Discover what first year is like in Arts

Your first year at university can seem really intimidating, but don’t worry! Nathanial has some great advice to get you into a positive mindset and ready to dive in.


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Contact a current student

Right to the source! Connect with current Arts students to learn what it's like to study here.


Academic societies in Arts


The most boaring mascot

Boar statue outside of building

Meet Porcellino. He's a reproduction of a Baroque sculpture in Florence. He’s also the Faculty of Arts’ good luck charm and mascot. Legend has it, rubbing his nose brings good luck. This is why the snout on the 700 pound boar statue is so polished compared to the rest of the bronze beast – all the Arts students who have rubbed his nose before exam time in hopes of acing their finals.

You’ll find Porcellino perched outside of the Modern Languages building overlooking the Arts Quad, an outdoor space where Arts students gather in between classes. His fierce embodiment of curiosity, perseverance, and integrity makes him the perfect mascot for Arts students.

Download your own Porcellino

He's cute and he's a boar on the go. Download the phone and desktop versions of our Porcellino wallpapers and you'll always have luck on your side.


Learn more about the Faculty of Arts

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With a huge selection of entry programs and majors, the Faculty of Arts has an academic plan for just about anyone.