Printable forms

Renison forms

CHINA Placement Form (Link to Webform)

ARABIC Placement Form (Link to Webform)

If you require a form for an Independent Study (XXX 398R/399R), Honours Essay (SDS 499 A/B), Research Apprenticeship (SDS 495R) or Applied Apprenticeship (SDS 496R) please e-mail your request to

Additional forms

The University of Waterloo Registrar's Office also has many printable and fill-in forms

These include but are not limited to:

  • Proof of Enrolment Request
  • Plan Modification
  • Letter of Permission
  • Application for Undergraduate Readmission
  • Final Examination Timetable Conflict 
  • Application to Graduate
  • Official Transcript Request
  • Undergraduate Notice of Withdrawal 

Policies and Procedures

As an affiliate college of the University of Waterloo, Renison follows many of the same academic procedures and policies of the University of Waterloo.

The most commonly asked questions regarding policies relate to:

You can also view a full list of University of Waterloo policies by visiting the Secretariat website.