Frequently Asked Questions - Undergraduates

1. What's the difference between course selection and course enrollment? 

Course selection is when you get the chance to choose your courses for a later term. This means you don't have to wait until open enrollment starts, and you still have the option of changing your mind once enrollment opens. The scheduling system will try to create conflict free schedules depending on what students choose during course selection.

Course enrollment is when you can change your selection choices or enroll in courses if you haven't already. You will need to check that courses don't clash with one another and some courses may already be full.

2. I want to enroll in a course but according to Quest, the course is full. What can I do? 

You can add yourself to the waitlist queue by completing our waitlist form. Please use the form for main campus (UW) courses. 

If the course location is listed as STJ, please contact the instructor directly.

If the course ends with "R", you can sign up to the waiting list by filling out the form on the Renison University College website.

3. I want to enroll in a course but I don't meet the pre-requisite requirements. What can I do? 

In most cases we are unable to override pre-requisite requirements.  The requirements are there to ensure you have the knowledge necessary for the course. Please contact the course instructor and cc your academic advisor. The instructor and advisor will review your academic record and let you know if you will be permitted to take the course.