Double Degree in Human Rights Law

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The University of Waterloo has partnered with the University of Essex to allow Arts students to complete a Bachelor of Arts (from UWaterloo) and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in Human Rights Law (from Essex). This page is intended as a guide for Sociology (SOC) and/or Legal Studies (LS) students intending to take advantage of this opportunity. All general questions about the double degree should be directed to the Program Director of Human Rights at United College. You can also find information about the double degree from the Faculty of Arts and United College.

Students wishing to pursue the double degree must complete the following requirements before going to the University of Essex:

  • All major plan requirements (SOC or LS)
  • Minor in Human Rights (United College)
  • Arts breadth requirement
  • Undergraduate communications requirement

An accelerated plan of study is needed to complete these requirements in three years before departure to Essex; this would typically entail a 5-course load in all fall and winter terms plus two courses in spring terms for three years. Because of this, careful planning and advance consultation with department advisors is necessary to ensure all requirements are met in a timely fashion. It is also possible to take a regular full-time course load (5+5 with no spring courses) and apply to Essex after four years of study at UWaterloo. This will likely be a more manageable approach for most students. Completing a double major at UWaterloo and/or combining the double degree with co-op is possible but will add significant time to completion.

Once you are on track to complete all UWaterloo requirements, students will apply to Essex in January for fall intake. Students who are admitted to Essex will receive credit for the first year of study in the Human Rights Law program and complete two more years for the LLB. Ten of these courses will receive transfer credits at UWaterloo to bring the student up to 40 courses required for a Bachelor of Arts.

Students should be aware that further study after the LLB may be required to practice law in Canada.