Legal Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with a sociological and cultural understanding of law. Although we typically think of law as an abstract set of rules primarily of concern to courts, legal professionals, or criminalized individuals, socio-legal perspectives draw attention to how much the law influences our daily lives, interpersonal interactions, and identities. Examining the law sociologically also highlights how significantly legal reforms shape our understanding of social issues and perceptions of justice and injustice.

Drawing on a broad range of disciplines in both the social sciences and humanities, the Legal Studies program offers students a comprehensive foundation in the theoretical frameworks and methodologies required to conduct socio-legal research and critically evaluate the effects of law and policy in our social world. The courses taken for the degree also expose students to a wide range of topics and social phenomena. The expertise of our faculty members allows students to explore a variety of issues, including, surveillance, policing, juvenile offending, violence against women, punishment, and social justice.