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We provide an inspiring environment for research students and researchers. 

Research projects undertaken by faculty and graduate students address a wide variety of sociological and socio-legal issues that fall into four broad thematic areas:

  • crime, law, and security
  • knowledge, education, and digital culture
  • migration, borders, and transnationalism
  • social inequality and public policy

Research Projects

Dr. Janice Aurini
Measuring and Reducing Summer Setback is a SSHRC-funded project examining 'summer setback' and whether summer programs close achievement gaps or produce other benefits such as enhanced parent-teacher connections.
Dr. Kieran Bonner

Theory and the Culture of Cities is a research project drawing on contemporary theory and methodology to examine the changes that cities are undergoing under globalization.

Dr. Phil Boyle

A SSHRC-funded project examining critical infrastructure security in Canada.

Dr. Peter Carrington

The Canadian Criminal Careers and Criminal Networks Study investigates co-offending networks and criminal and delinquent careers, using statistical data extracted from Canadian police information systems.

Dr. Martin Cooke

A CIHR-funded project examining obesity among Metis and Off-Reserve First Nations Children.

Dr. Lorne Dawson

Canadian Research Network on Terrorism, Security, and Society is a SSHRC- and Public Safety Canada-funded initiative to develop a distinctively Canadian research capacity on these issues.

Dr. Weizhen Dong

Working on a Lupina Foundation-sponsored social determinants of health and policy implications project. Employing both quantitative and qualitative methods, it examines various socioeconomic and environmental factors' direct and indirect effects on the study population's health status and wellbeing.

Dr. Owen Gallupe

A research project examining adolescent substance use, offending, social status, and peer group dynamics.

Dr. Rick Helmes-Hayes

An archives-based study of the emergence of academic sociology in Canada, 1880-1930, focusing in particular on the role of the Protestant Social Gospel.

Dr. Kathryn (Kate) Henne

Current research pursues two distinct trajectories: (1) how global sport actors intervene in the governance of domains traditionally assumed to be beyond the scope of sport, including development, security, and urban management, and (2) how biomedical knowledge and technologies come to inform the regulation of the body, health, and well-being.

Dr. Suzan Ilcan

Professor Ilcan's most recent SSHRC-funded project (2015-2019) is on "Humanitarian Aid, Citizenship Politics, and the Governance of Syrian Refugees in Turkey". 

Dr. E. Adie Nelson

A current project examining violent offenders' construction of 'good Samaritans'; another project focused on racialization and gendering of disability within award-winning children's literature.

Dr. Daniel O'Connor

A new research project examining the regulation and transformation of border security in North America and Europe.

Dr. Jennifer Schulenberg

A SSHRC-funded project investigating police complaints, discretion, and responses to antisocial behaviour.

Dr. Rashmee Singh

A research project examining the civil society-state relations established to govern gender violence in Toronto, with a specific focus on the city's immigrant-serving community organizations.

Dr. Jennifer R. Whitson

A research project involving fieldwork with game developers about creative labour, economic sustainability, and community support networks; a project investigating data security issues in player surveillance and data collection in games.

Dr. Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme

Research projects examining the effects of religiousity and religion on voting behaviour in Canada; as well as exploring the dynamics of religious "nones" in comparative Western contexts.