We provide an inspiring environment for research students and researchers. 

Research projects undertaken by faculty and graduate students address a wide variety of sociological and socio-legal issues that fall into four broad thematic areas:

  • crime, law, and security
  • knowledge, education, and digital culture
  • migration, borders, and transnationalism
  • social inequality and public policy

Research Projects

Dr. Janice Aurini
Measuring and Reducing Summer Setback is a SSHRC-funded project examining 'summer setback' and whether summer programs close achievement gaps or produce other benefits such as enhanced parent-teacher connections.
Dr. Phil Boyle

A SSHRC-funded project examining critical infrastructure security in Canada.

Dr. Martin Cooke

Research funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada with Statistics Canada, examining immigrant women’s work and family trajectories.

Dr. Weizhen Dong

Working on the projects on aging and eldercare in Canada, including the preparedness of elders’ collective dwelling facilities facing the challenges of highly infectious epidemics. 

Dr. Owen Gallupe

A research project examining adolescent substance use, offending, social status, and peer group dynamics.

Dr. Suzan Ilcan

Professor Ilcan's most recent SSHRC-funded project (2015-2019) is on "Humanitarian Aid, Citizenship Politics, and the Governance of Syrian Refugees in Turkey". 

Dr. John McLevey

A SSHRC-funded project on disinformation, democracy, and online political deliberation. 

Dr. Adam Molar

Member of the Waterloo Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute at the University of Waterloo. Interdisciplinary research projects that examine technologies of surveillance, policing/security, civil liberties, and the politics of regulatory governance. 

Dr. E. Adie Nelson

A current project examining violent offenders' construction of 'good Samaritans'; another project focused on racialization and gendering of disability within award-winning children's literature.

Dr. Daniel O'Connor 

A new research project examining the regulation and transformation of border security in North America and Europe.

Dr. Andrea Quinlan

A SSHRC-funded project on forensics in medicolegal responses to sexual violence; a SSHRC-funded project on rural sexual assault care.

Dr. Jennifer Schulenberg

Current research includes: (1) a SSHRC-funded project on police decision-making with at-risk youth and vulnerable populations; (2) sex trafficking of youth; and (3) the relationship between technology and police deployment strategies.

Dr. Rashmee Singh

A research project examining the civil society-state relations established to govern gender violence in Toronto, with a specific focus on the city's immigrant-serving community organizations.

Dr. Sarah Turnbull

Current research examines (1) immigration detention and deportation; and (2) carceral transparency through the SSHRC-funded Prison Transparency Project.

Dr. Jennifer R. Whitson

Current research projects include qualitative work on labour and sustainability in the game industry, as well as more general work around surveillance in games and other online spaces.

Dr. Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme

Research projects examining the effects of religiousity and religion on voting behaviour in Canada; as well as exploring the dynamics of religious "nones" in comparative Western contexts.